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NOTICE: In the Italian version of the database to search a device all the inventories' items are used. But in this case the operation is less efficient: in fact only the name of the instrument has been translated in English, so it is not possible to use also the items of the other inventories, because they are in Italian. We suggest to view the page in which is possible to have a list of the instruments by images in addition.

22 Inclined plane for studying frictionCView page
60 Newton's tubeCView page
502 CView page
574 Rupert's dropsCView page
626 CView page
627 Conic pendulumCView page
628 Two masses for the centrifugal forceCView page
629 Foucault's pendulumCView page
632 Balloon for the paraboloidCView page
633 Apparatus for the squeezing at the polesCView page
634 CView page
635 CView page
636 Device with springsCView page
763 Airy's pendulumCView page
852 CView page
926 Maxwell's pendulumCView page
967 Movement composition deviceCView page
980 Exemplar of an anchor escapementCView page
1034 Systems of pendulums for the resonanceCView page