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NOTICE: In the Italian version of the database to search a device all the inventories' items are used. But in this case the operation is less efficient: in fact only the name of the instrument has been translated in English, so it is not possible to use also the items of the other inventories, because they are in Italian. We suggest to view the page in which is possible to have a list of the instruments by images in addition.

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20 Equipment for the study of the parallelogram lawCView page
23 Worm-gear winch in brassCView page
24 Tool for studying parallel forcesCView page
25 Systems of levers in brassCView page
26 Pulley-systems in brass with weightsCView page
28 Regnier's dynamometerCView page
29 Stand with weightsCView page
30 Gear systemCView page
35 Mechanical paradox apparatusCView page
36 Foucault's gyroscopeCView page
38 Tool for the centre of gravity in tre piecesCView page
39 Wood model of a rudder propellerCView page
481 Paradoxal discCView page
502 CView page
550 Centre of gravity toolCView page
807 Model of a screwCView page
814 Model of a wedgeCView page