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The following team of collaborators was set up in June 2003 to organize the fitting-out of the Anton Maria Traversi Physics Museum of Venice. After the opening ceremony on the 20th December, the committee will continue to deal with improvements and additions.

Professor Rocco Fiano is Headmaster - "Rector" of Liceo Convitto Marco Foscarini. He has supported the project to create a museum to house the instruments of the old Physics Laboratory with immense enthusiasm and interest. Since 2001 he has applied himself wholeheartedly to obtaining the funding necessary for the refurbishment and fitting out of the museum premises.
Ex-student of Liceo Foscarini and currently undergraduate in the faculty of mechanical engineering at Padova University, he is the team coordinator and curator of the A.M.Traversi Museum. He participated in the organization of the 1994 Exhibition as a member of the team responsible for cleaning the instruments to be exhibited. Since 1996, he has been involved in studying, cleaning, restoring and repairing the instruments of the Old Physics Laboratory and, in 1996, he created a small permanent display in the entrance area of the Liceo and has since been responsible for visiting groups of school students. Since December 1999, he has produced the explanatory notes on the instruments of the Virtual Physics Museum and he has been in charge of this section of the Foscarini Website since May 2002. In December he revised and completed the dating of the equipment of the Old Physics Museum.
Teacher of maths, information technology and physics in the school's Section A, he is the team's I.T.expert. In 1996 he set up Liceo Foscarini's website and is its webmaster, and manages the school's network (2 servers and 80 computers) as well as being responsible for the I.T. laboratory (16 places). The Virtual Museum Logo is also of his creation (January 2000). He subsequently modified this and designed a further logo for the Traversi Museum. He is the author of various didactic hypertexts (calculus, mathematical analysis, colours, astronomy) and an impressive hypertext on cryptography.
Teacher of History of Art, his suggestions regarding the layout of the instruments and explanatory material on display were invaluable. Prof. Gherardi, who is in charge of one of the school's multi-media rooms, also provided advice of this nature in 1994, on the occasion of the exhibition "A 19th Century Physics Laboratory" held in the school library.
Teacher of chemistry, biology and earth sciences in the school's sections A and B and director of the Sciences Laboratory of the Liceo, she carried out the research of sources (the papers on physics written by Abbot Anton Maria Traversi, Liceo Foscarini's first "Rector" and founder of the Physics Laboratory and by Prof. Zantedeschi, an expert on electromagnetism, later to teach at the University of Padova) necessary for the production of explanatory panels in the museum. She and Prof. Andreina Naletto were responsible for the layout and organization of the 1994 exhibition, the selection and upkeep of the instruments on display and for dating them with reference to the three inventories compiled in 1800.
Technical and administrative assistant and coordinator of the staff involved in fitting out the museum, he is also coordinator of the museum's maintenance team. He did some particularly delicate cleaning work on the metal parts and restored the wooden boards of both Ramsden's and Holtz's Electrical Machines and also restored the Apparatus for telluric currents and constructed its display case, with the assistance of Mr. Roberto Lanza.