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The Marco Foscarini Physics Lab
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This section houses the most recent and modern tools, from 1930 to the present. Here there are the electric volumetric pumps necessary for the realization of all those experiments in which higher or lower vacuum conditions are required, a series of cathodic pipes of different dimensions and electrode conformation, spark pipes of mercury, neon and sodium vapour with various pressure conditions, an air rail, an apparatus for the study of the waves in liquids and the phenomena of reflection, refraction and interference, a Van de Graaf generator, a set of lenses in plastic for the verification (with the help of a diaphragm reflector) of the geometrical optics laws, magneto - electric ammeters and voltmeters (with mobile core) and electric direct and alternated current generators of different capacities. What we are dealing with are essentially usual classical devices which are needed in a physics lab and that are easily found (obviously the most recent models) in the market specialized in this kind of instruments.

It's important to specify that there isn't a clear line of demarcation between the Modern and the Ancient Physics Lab. After an analysis of all the instruments, considering the method of construction and also the growing number of industrial tools available rather than exclusively hand made devices, it was decided (Malfi, 2003) to consider as belonging to the Modern Physics Lab all the instruments bought after 1930. From this year in fact the cataloging procedure was completely changed. It is however clear that this is a personal choice and for this reason not definitive.