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FormulaIUPAC nameGallery
AgBO3 Silver trioxidoborate View
Ba(ClO3)2·H2O Barium bis(trioxidochlorate) monohydrate View
Ba(NO3)2 Barium bis(trioxidonitrate) View
BaO2 Marium dioxide View
KClO3 Potassium trioxidochlorate View
KMnO4 Potassium tetraoxidomanganate View
KNO3 Potassium trioxidonitrate View
LiNO3 Litium trioxidonitrate View
NaClO3 Sodium trioxidochlorate View
NaNO2 Sodium dioxidonitrate View
NH4NO3 Ammonium trioxidonitrate View
Sr(NO3)2 Strontium bis(trioxidonitrate) View
ZnO2 Zinc dioxide View