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FormulaIUPAC nameGallery
(CH3COO)2Hg Mercuri bis(acetate) View
(CH3COO)2Pb·3H2O Lead bis(acetate) trihydrate View
Ag3AsO4 Trisilver tetraoxidoarseniate View
BaCl2·2H2O Barium dichloride dihydrate View
CdI2 Cadmium diiodide View
CdS Cadmium monosulfide View
CdSO4·8/3H2O Cadmium tetraoxidosulfate 8/3hydrate View
CoCl2·6H2O Cobalt dichloride hexahydrate View
CoSO4·7H2O Cobalt tetraoxidosulfate heptahydrate View
Hg Mercury View
Hg2Cl2 Dimercury dichloride View
Hg2I2 Dimercury diiodide View
HgBr2 Mercury dibromide View
HgO Mercury monoxide View
HgO Mercury monoxide View
K2Cr2O7 Potassium eptaoxidodichromate View
K2CrO4 Potassium tetraoxidochromate View
NaF Sodium fluoride View
NaNO2 Sodium dioxidonitrate View
NiCl2·6H2O Nickel dichloride hexahydrate View
NiO2 Nickel dioxide View
NiO2 Nickel dioxide View
NiSO4·6H2O Nickel tetraoxidosulfate hexahydrate View
Pb(NO3)2 Lead bis(trioxidonitrate) View
PbCrO4 Lead tetraoxidochromate View
PbI2 Lead diodide View
PbO Lead monoxide View
PbO2 Lead dioxide View